How to apply or renew my VIP membership?

Step 1: Purchase a VIP Card at any Pet Lovers Centre or The Pet Safari stores. Find our Stores location here.
Step 2: Activate your VIP card through our website
Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions, enter VIP Card No., Registration Code and your Mobile No.
Step 4: Enter the One-Time Pin (OTP) sent to your mobile phone via SMS
Step 5: Complete the VIP Card activation by filling in your personal particulars and click “submit”.
Note: In order to submit, please tick and agree to our Privacy Policy. 
Membership Fee
1-Year membership fee:
• $6 for NEW membership (no min. purchase required).
• $6  for RENEWAL of membership (for purchases amounting to less than S$150)
$5 for RENEWAL of membership (for purchases amounting to S$150 or more on accumulated receipts over the course of 4 weeks).
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