Do you sell diarrhea medication?

Are your pets having diarrhea and in need of some medication to relieve it?

Here are some of the products for your reference as follow:

For Cats and Dogs 

  1. ANIMEDX DIARRHEAFIX 100ml - Animedx Diarrheafix is specially formulated to relieve non-infective diarrhea in cats and dogs. 
  2. NATUR VET ANTI-DIARRHEA 8oz - Natur Vet Anti-diarrhea liquid is formulated to aid in the treatment of non-infectious diarrhea in dogs and cats. 
  3. VETIQSTOOL FIRM LOOSE STOOL REMEDY 45s - VetIQ Stool Firm tablets are specially formulated with a unique blend of pectin and pumpkin to increase the stool firmness of dogs.

For Small Animals

MARUKAN DIARRHOEA AID FOR SMALL ANIMAL - Marukan Diarrhoea Aid is designed to encourage a healthier digestive gut in small animals. 

For General 

NOVA DIARRHOEA REMEDY 100ml - Nova Diarrhea Remedy is formulated to provide prompt relief for diarrhea, wind, bloatedness, indigestion, nausea and colicky discomfort. 

For more advice, you may reach out to our Pet Care Consultant Live Chat for general pets' health care needs. However, if the condition of your pet persists please see a vet immediately.


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