My house is infested with flea, what should I do?

If your house is currently infested with fleas, here are some product recommendations to consider:

Strikeback Pest Control Fogger is an effective solution to reduce flea and insect activity in a room. 
It kills ants, bed bugs, dust mites, cat fleas, dog fleas, spiders, moths, and wasps, by filling the room with insecticidal smoke that these pests cannot avoid. The smoke is light and distributes evenly throughout the room. Create a safe environment free of pests and insects for your pet!
However, if your furkid is constantly scratching and leaving clumps of fur everywhere, this discomfort could be due to the presence of ticks and fleas. These tiny parasites can carry various illnesses and should be treated as soon as possible. You can protect your furkid with our range of products here: flea and tick treatments.


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