Dissapointing visit to Bugis outlet


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    Elaine Tan

    Dear Fina, 

    Thank you for contacting Pet Lovers Centre. My name is Elaine and I work for the support team. 
    First and foremost, we are sorry to hear about the poor shopping experience that you had encountered at the Bugis Junction store and please be assured that your comments and feedback is really valued. We have systems to record and monitor all the feedback we receive and we will use our customer feedback to help us measure (alongside other means) how our retail staff is performing and to take appropriate actions.

    Regarding your experience with our staff and the unwanted glares - please be assured that we'll continue to follow up with the management and our team, and they will review this accordingly for action to be taken. Just to give you some context, at Pet Lovers Centre, we also have a very strict policy when it comes to customer complaints and we consistently monitor that all retail staff is within our acceptable limits. Since the incident last Friday, we have reminded our staff at Bugis Junction to take note of this and to avoid any further miscommunication with customers in the future. 

    Once again Fina, we're extremely sorry that you've had this frustrating and worrying experience - we'll do all we can to ensure that it can't happen again in the future. Thank you for your time and please let us know again if you have any further questions, that would be greatly appreciated. 

    Many thanks, 
    Elaine Tan

    Pet Lovers Centre Singapore
    Customer Service Team

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