My VIP Card is expiring soon. Any renewal fee required?

Membership Fee

Sign up online to enjoy 1-Year Membership Benefits at only $7. No physical cards will be issued for online sign-ups.

Physical cards will only be issued for in-store sign-ups at any Pet Lovers Centre or The Pet Safari stores. A $1 surcharge will be applied to the membership fee for the issuance of the physical card in-store.

For renewal of VIP membership card online:
Step 1: Go to Online VIP Card Renewal page and enter your 10-digit Registration Code
Step 2: Check on the new expiry date of your VIP membership card shown and ensure that the email is correct so that you will be able to receive the e-receipt after the request has been submitted.
Step 3: Make payment with your credit/debit card for the renewal fee.
Step 4: You will receive a renewal confirmation email and e-receipt for your payment.
Step 5: Once the renewal has been confirmed, the loyalty points validity will be extended. (Do note that it only applies to membership renewal within 3 months after it has expired. Otherwise, the loyalty points will be forfeited).
For VIP membership card activation:
Step 1: Activate your VIP card through our website or via VIP Concierge App.
Step 2: You can follow the onscreen instructions: enter the VIP membership card, 10 digit registration code and your mobile number.
Step 3: A One-Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.
Step 4: Complete the VIP membership card activation by filling in your personal particulars and click “submit”.
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