Why am I receiving a Reorder Reminder?

We have recently launched the Reorder Reminder feature and customers would be able to use this function to schedule for reminders on their next checkout. 

Where can I find/select this Reorder function?

During the process of checkout. Upon checking the 'Set a Reorder Reminder' checkbox, you will be able to select the frequency of the reminder.


What happens when I select this function?

Items in the original order that you have checkout will be saved in the system. You will receive an email acknowledgment of this request with items that you have checked out in the original order.  


A reminder email will be sent (i) 3 days before, & (ii) on the day of each scheduled reorder. Customers will only be charged when they checkout each scheduled reorder. Any applicable promotions will be displayed on the checkout page. 

How do I change/cancel the schedule of the reorder reminder?

You can log in to the online web account and click on 'Reorder Reminder' to do so.


Alternatively, you can also click on this page for more details.

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