Our footprints and store locations across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam

The PLC group is headquartered in Singapore. 

A household name today, PLC has been and continues to delight pet owners and pets alike ever since it was founded in 1973. That's because shopping at PLC is all about value and offers that just keep getting better and better. And that's on top of the widest and freshest range of products you can ever find. With prompt, friendly, and helpful service to boot. As a matter of fact, it's a shopping experience that's nothing short of award-winning.

You and your pet deserve the most out of life. To help you attain that, PLC has become the standard-bearer for responsible pet ownership. Everything we do for you is centered on this noble principle. 

Your pet is at the heart of PLC and for the list of our store locations across Asia and our footprints, please refer to the list below for more information:


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