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Here is some information on terrapins to give you a head start in knowing them better!

Terrapins are freshwater turtles that live both on land and in the water. These low-maintenance reptiles occupy a small amount of space and do not need training and regular feedings; making them excellent starter pets for beginners.
Personality traits
These creatures are very delicate and relatively timid. They get frightened easily and get alarmed when you pick them up. Before you handle your terrapin, it is important to slowly build trust and rapport with them. Otherwise, they might resist you or display signs of aggression.
Biological Data
Life span: 20 – 40 years
Sexual maturity: 2 – 4 years for males and 3 – 5 years for females
Optimum water pH: 6 – 8
Water Type: Freshwater

Before buying a terrapin, note that these animals have complex welfare needs. As cold-blooded reptiles, they are unable to produce their own body temperature. As such, the best type of housing for terrapins are tanks with heating and lighting and those with a dedicated basking spot.

Terrapins require a varied diet to thrive. To keep them healthy, feed them with a combination of defrosted freshwater fish, live invertebrates, and specialized food pellets. Their diets can also be supplemented with vitamins and minerals that they lack while in captivity.
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